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'DH, Part 1' garners 2011 MTV Movie Awards noms

First images from NYC premiere of 'Deathly Hallows'

Daniel & Rupert appear on 'The Today Show' in U.S.

Upcoming TV appearances of 'Potter' stars in the U.S.

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'Potter' stars attend WB event at Claridge's Hotel in London

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EW covers 'Deathly Hallows' & reveals split

JKR attends opening of 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter'

Trailer: 'Wild Target' featuring Rupert Grint, Bill Nighy released

'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' to officially open June 18

Rupert Grint's 'Wild Target' gets a UK release date

'Potter' stars on Vanity Fair's 'Hollywood's Top 40' list

The Weasley's in the news

Footage from 'Deathly Hallows' includes Bill & Fleur's wedding, Grint interview

First official image from 'Deathly Hallows' & new interviews from cast

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New 'Potter' cast interviews

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'HBP' & actors up for SpikeTV SCREAM awards

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Photos from NYC 'HBP' premiere

WB makes new 'Half-Blood Prince' downloads available

'Potter' cast answer fans questions via video

Video of London 'HBP' premiere from Warner Bros.

New 'HBP' set report

Preview of Movie Magic Magazine's 'Harry Potter' edition

Video of Rupert Grint & Emma Watson on GMTV

Rupert Grint comments on his bout with the H1N1 Infuenza Virus

Update: 'HBP' photo-call images from London with cast

Video of Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint's interview on Australian talk show 'Rove' appears online

'Potter' star Rupert Grint has contracted the H1N1 Influenza virus

CNN looking for questions for 'Potter' cast and crew

Film Review Online interviews Emma Watson

Interview with Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint to appear on Australian talk show 'Rove'

Rupert Grint on filming Quidditch for 'HBP'

Rupert Grint speaks about the future

New interview featuring Daniel, Rupert and Jessie

Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint to appear on 'The Today Show'

Round up of interviews by 'Potter' cast

Exclusive video of making of 'HBP' video game from EA Games

New 'HBP' footage & interviews to air during ABC Family 'Potter' marathon

New interviews with Rupert Grint & Emma Watson

'Potter' trio filming 'Deathly Hallows' at Swinley Forest

Rupert Grint & Daniel Radcliffe to appear on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'

New interviews with 'Harry Potter' cast

Watch MTV's 'Half-Blood Prince' featurette

Rupert Grint's 'Cherrybomb' trailer now online

Rupert Grint attends 'Cherrybomb' premiere in Berlin

'Potter' actor news round up

Rupert Grint talks kissing scene in 'DH' and more in new interview

New hi-res images from 'HBP'

New hi-res 'Half-Blood Prince' images

ABC Family to preview 'HBP' during 'Potter' weekend

New Ron & Hermione 'Half-Blood Prince' promo online

New photos from HP 2009 mini calender emerge online

Rupert Grint discusses new movie

Rupert Grint to star in new movie

Rupert Grint talks 'Prince' teaser trailer

New photos from 'Half-Blood Prince'

'The Harry Potter Kids' documentary to re-air on the Biography channel in U.S.

Rupert Grint attends 'Jack the Ripper Experience' in London

Hi-res pic of trio in 'Half-Blood Prince'

Video of 'The Harry Potter Kids' documentary

Preview of 'HBP' from 'OotP' DVD

'The Harry Potter Kids' documentary to air on the Biography channel in U.S.

'Harry Potter' trio included on Forbes '20 Under 25: The Top-Earning Superstars' list

New interview from 'OotP' DVD UK junket

New interviews with trio from 'OotP' DVD junket

'Potter' trio discuss 'HBP,' talk more on Dumbledore news

'Potter' actors and director give thoughts on JK's recent Dumbledore revelation

Update: 'Order of the Phoenix' cast attend awards show & win

'Potter' actors attend V Festival in UK

Update: Trio & 'OotP' nominated for UK award; Emma aces exams

Update: JKR continues answering 'Deathly Hallows' questions & more

'Deathly Hallows,' Watson & Radcliffe nominated for Kid's Choice Awards UK

Update: New interviews with Emma, Rupert & Chris Rankin

Rupert spotlighted on USA Today's 'Celeb Watch'

Update: Video of Dan & Rupert's latest TV appearances

HPANA's coverage of U.S. 'Phoenix' premiere

Video of Emma's appearances on the 'Today Show' & 'Regis & Kelly'

Update: Radcliffe, Grint, Watson cast permanent spell at Grauman's

Confirmed list of attendees for 'OotP' LA premiere

Video of trio from the 'Richard & Judy' show; Dan on the 'Today Show'

Rupert Grint to appear on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'

Updated: New interviews with Rupert Grint & Imelda Staunton

'Order of the Phoenix' special on Reelz channel

HP trio video/transcript from '60 Minutes' Australia interview

TV appearances by Rupert Grint in U.S. & Canada; Emma on 'Letterman'

Update: 'Order of the Phoenix' stars attend photocall

Rupert to help with casting call for Lavender Brown

Update: Trio & Imelda talk 'Order of the Phoenix'

Audio Q&A from 'Order of the Phoenix' press conference

Emma & Rupert to attend French 'Phoenix' premiere

Update: New images of Rupert & Emma

Evolution of the 'Potter' trio's style

Ask the 'Potter' stars a question

'Potter' trio to be honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Update: 'Harry Potter' trio and 'Teen Vogue'

Daniel, Rupert & Emma signed for remaining films

Rupert & Phelps twins attend NME Awards

New interview with Rupert Grint

Grint & Phelps twins attend Kids BAFTA's, 'GoF' wins

MTV's TRL 'Phoenix' video

Summary of Rupert's publicity tour for 'Driving Lessons'

Rupert discusses directors for last 'Potter' movies

More news on 'Order of the Phoenix'

Rupert attends premiere of 'Driving Lessons' in NYC

Update: Rupert Grint featured in 'Parade' magazine

Potter stars attend 'Driving Lessons' premiere

New 'Driving Lessons' photocall photos of Julie & Rupert

Rupert to appear on GMTV's 'Today' show

Rupert Grint to be interviewed on BBC Radio 1

Audio of Rupert & Julie from Edinburgh Film Festival

'Driving Lessons' photocall photos of Julie & Rupert

Age won't stop Rupert playing Ron

Julie Walters on the 'Potter' movies, writing & acting

Posters, pictures & ratings for 'Driving Lessons'

Grint signed for unspecified project for ITV

'Driving Lessons' to premiere in London

Rupert Grint attends jazz show in Portugal

U.S. to take 'Driving Lessons' October 13

Rupert appears on BBC show

'Lessons' to be previewed at Edinburgh Film Festival

'Order of the Phoenix' clip to be shown at Comic-Con

Video, pictures of 'Potter' stars at Queen's birthday party

Update: Video from 'Potter' skit for Queen's birthday party

'Potter' plot for Queen's 80th celebrations

'Potter' stars to attend Queen's birthday celebration

Hi-res Bravo Otto awards photos of Dan, Emma & Rupert

Sony Classics picks up 'Driving Lessons' for U.S.

'Potter' actors named to Netscape Celebrity list

Rupert attends 'Driving Lessons' premiere at film festival

Rupert Grint attends Tribeca Film Festival

'Goblet of Fire' earns MTV Movie Award nominations

Update: Rupert discusses 'Potter' and 'Lessons'

Rupert & twins discuss 'Order of the Phoenix'

Rupert & Phelps twins to be interviewed on BBC radio

Snippet of Rupert's film "Driving Lessons"

Potter stars movies showing at the Tribeca Film Festival

Rupert & the Phelps twins in Italy

Potter trio & Heyman appear at Empire Awards

New clips from 'Goblet' DVD

New interview with trio

Walters attends festival screening of 'Driving Lessons'

Rupert Grint attends the BAFTAs

IMDb sasses Rupert, 'Potter' sites

Report, video & images of Rupert on 'Generation Fame'

Update: GMTV behind-the-scenes look at 'GoF'

New images from 'GoF' photo shoot

New 'GoF' interview with trio

Rupert to appear in 'Generation Fame'

Hi-res pictures from EW, ELLEgirl photo shoot

New pictures from EW photo shoot

Rupert explains his absence from Tokyo premiere

EA game videos with interviews & scenes from the movie

Potter trio on the cover of LIFE magazine

Video of A&E special & Emma on the 'Early Show' interviews the 'GoF' cast

Daniel & Rupert's iTunes picks

'Potter' interviews on MSN, mini-bios on MSNBC

Trio, new cast of 'GoF' on 'Mayhem'

GMTV, PlanetaTV interviews with trio

Update: Interviews & behind-the-scenes from 'GoF'

HBO's "First Look" at 'GoF' video

'Goblet of Fire' interviews, movie clips on MTV Overdrive

'GoF' behind-the-scenes, interviews on Tribute TV

Trio to appear in 'Ministry of Mayhem'

Update: Grint to join Radcliffe on MTV's TRL

Guests for 'GoF' premiere in Tokyo announced

New image scans of 'GoF' cast on Movie Time

International clips of 'GoF' press conference

Potter cast TV appearances

New video from 'Goblet of Fire'

Daniel, Emma & Rupert to be on 'The Ministry of Mayhem'

'Goblet of Fire' UK photocall, cast interviews

'Goblet of Fire' press conference from London

'Pink' spotlight on Emma, features young cast of 'GoF'

'GoF' interview in 'Sci-Fi' magazine

New behind-the-scenes 'Goblet of Fire' pictures

Grint & Felton present award for anti-bullying

'GoF' feature from 'Film Review' magazine

'Goblet of Fire' feature in 'Xpose' magazine

New 'GoF' interviews with Dan, Rupert, Robert, Katie & Stan

Hi-res stills from 'Goblet of Fire' trailer

'GoF' image of Ron and Padma at Yule Ball

Rupert Grint & Julie Walters in 'Driving Lessons'

'Goblet of Fire' character posters sprouting up

New 'Goblet of Fire' pics including first of Draco

'Potter' trio all grown up

New 'Goblet of Fire' picture features QWC campsite

Rupert to star in "Driving Lessons"

New video from 'Goblet of Fire'

Raw behind-the-scenes 'Goblet' video

Behind-the-scenes footage from 'Fire'

Super hi-res photos from 'Goblet of Fire'

New 'Goblet of Fire' pictures, sneak peek

New set report from 'Goblet of Fire'

Rupert Grint celebrates 'Red Nose Day' by yelling

New downloadable 'Half-Blood Prince' poster

Rupert Grint multimedia madness

Rupert Grint gabs about life, new photos abound

Send your birthday wishes to Rupert Grint

Valentine's wishes from 'Azkaban'

Making of 'Prisoner of Azkaban' videos

Additional photos of second task from 'Goblet of Fire'

Huge hi-res 'Goblet of Fire' photos

First official 'Goblet of Fire' photos from WB

Harry Potter trio receive Bravo Otto awards

'Goblet of Fire' actors snapped on set

Additional 'Harry Potter' contests for fans

'Time Turner Sweepstakes' just for adults

Update: Win a chance to interview JKR and Potter stars

Fans may get chance to interview JKR and Potter stars

Rupert Grint adds voice to Peter Pan documentary

New pictures of Emma and Harry Potter trio from YM shoot

Dan, Tom and Rupert 'cuties' in teen poll

'Fire' walking in new Potter 4 photos

Trio's dirtied 'Azkaban' clothes on display in Paris

Update: Stars appear for Japanese premiere of 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

New video of Daniel, Emma and Rupert from UK's 'The Ministry of Mayhem'

UK's MTV TRL screencaps and video

Netscape Movies 'Azkaban' pictures

Newsround sits down with Potter stars

'Azkaban' scenes and interviews with Daniel, Emma and Rupert

Potter trio may be replaced for future movies

Rupert on awkwardness of romance in 'Prisoner'

New pictures of Rupert in NY

New Ron Weasley character poster

'Disney Adventures' interviews 'Potter' cast

Emma, Rupert, and Dan to judge LEGO contest

New interview from Nickelodeon magazine

AOL chat with Potter stars

New autographed picture available

Potter trio interviews in Girl's Life magazine

Rupert and Emma move to the forefront in 'Potter' movie

Update: Trio in 'Teen Vogue'

Potter trio discuss why the world is Harry-hyped

Video promo for ABC's upcoming 'Sorcerer's Stone' premiere

ABC to air 10-minute sneek peak of 'Azkaban'

Dutch video of 'Chamber' DVD launch

Update: Even more photos from 'Azkaban'

New hi-res 'Prisoner of Azkaban' commercial and more

New photos of Rupert Grint

"Real Access" videos, screen caps, transcript

More hi-res 'Prisoner' photos

Harry Potter cast apparates for Super Bowl preshow and "Real Access"

Meeting the kids in 'Azkaban'

Teen angst at Hogwarts

SET Magazine on 'Prisoner' set

Potter trio attend BAFTA tribute for Julie Walters

'Order of the Phoenix' movie rumors

'Goblet of Fire' casting call

Huge scans of Harry, Hermione, Ron pics

Best holiday Harry Potter present ever?

All three of 'Potter' trio will return for 'Goblet'

'Potter' stars are 'full-fledged teenagers'

Questions needed for 'Azkaban' cast

Larger 'Azkaban' Harry, Ron and Hermione pictures

Hi-res 'Prisoner of Azkaban' pics from trailer

Emma and Rupert get artistic for charity

New 'PoA' pictures

Harry on magic ride to maturity

Happy 15th birthday, Rupert Grint

Throwing strawberries at Ron Weasley