Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

News, rumors and information about the 2007 film adaptation of JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix including pictures, videos, interviews, set reports and more. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

Review: 'Harry Potter Film Wizardry'

'Harry Potter' ultimate edition DVD's announced

Artwork for new 'Harry Potter Years 1 - 5' Blu-ray & DVDs covers

'Potter' movie marathon in NYC's Ziegfeld Theatre

Reminder of ABC Family 'Potter' weekend & new 'Half-Blood Prince' picture

Vote 'Order of the Phoenix' for European People's Choice Awards

New photos from HP 2009 mini calender emerge online

ABC Family secures rights to 'OotP' & 'HBP'

Emma Watson wins Constellation Award

'OotP' garners four EMA Home Entertainment award nominations

Radcliffe & Leung nominated for 'Best Kiss' at this year's MTV Movie Awards

Update: 'Potter' actors attend Empire Awards, Yates wins 'Best Director'

'Order of the Phoenix' nominated for 9 Saturn Awards

'Order of the Phoenix' wins again

'Order of the Phoenix' receives 6 Empire Awards nominations

'Order of the Phoenix' receives Golden Tomato award

'Order of the Phoenix' nominated for BAFTA's Film Awards

'Order of the Phoenix' wins People's Choice award

'Order of the Phoenix' up for VES awards

'OotP' included on BAFTA longlists

'OotP' most successful 2007 film at UK & Ireland box office

'OotP' on shortlist for Best Visual Effects Oscar

Preview of 'HBP' from 'OotP' DVD

'OotP' podcast and demo of interactive DVD game

Plethora of 'Order of the Phoenix' DVD clips

New video clip from the 'OotP' DVD

New interview from 'OotP' DVD UK junket

Hi-def video 'Tour of Hogwarts' from EA Games UK

New thestral clip from 'OotP' DVD

New interviews with trio from 'OotP' DVD junket

Check out 3 deleted scenes from the 'OotP' DVD

Pre-order 'OotP' DVD in U.S., WB's sweepstakes & sneak peek of interactive game

Update: Sneak peek of 'HBP' production from 'OotP' DVD

Review & clip from 'Order of the Phoenix' DVD

'Order of the Phoenix' receives People's Choice Award nod, voting open

New review of 'Order of the Phoenix' DVD

Detailed description on 'Order of the Phoenix' DVD extras

'Potter' actors and director give thoughts on JK's recent Dumbledore revelation

Photos & report from 'OotP' DVD press launch

Video and screen captures of 'Order of the Phoenix' DVD menu

Update: 'OotP' DVD launch in London on November 3rd

Update: 'OotP' movie & game up for Kids BAFTA

Update: Emma Watson attends UK's 'Nick's Kids Choice' awards; Fiennes wins SCREAM award

Music from 'OotP' video game to be included at VGL show

New products from Warner Bros., Noble's & NECA

'Order of the Phoenix' DVD to include downloadable files

'OotP' nominated for 'Hollywood Movie Award,' Emma to attend UK's 'Nick's Kids Choice' awards

'Order of the Phoenix' surpasses 'GoF' in domestic box office sales

Update: 'Order of the Phoenix' cast attend awards show & win

Audio interviews with David Heyman & Stuart Craig

All 'Harry Potter' movies in HD, holiday gift packs

Official: 'OotP' DVD to be released Dec. 11 in U.S.

Update: 'Order of the Phoenix' on DVD, Blu-ray & HD DVD Dec. 11

Nicholas Hooper nominated for 'World Soundtrack Discovery Award'

'OotP' DVD to be released Dec. 11, maybe

'OotP' on IMAX sets new record

'Potter' stars & movies up for awards

'OotP' audio interviews with Heyman, Yates & Radcliffe

'Order of the Phoenix' second most successful film in franchise

Extras on 'OotP' DVD announced by BBFC

'Order of the Phoenix' wins 'Teen Choice' award

Watson & Rowling included in '100 Women in Hollywood' list

New interview with 'OotP' director David Yates

Update: Trio & 'OotP' nominated for UK award; Emma aces exams

'Harry Potter' photos available to own for the first time

Cast interviews from 'Order of the Phoenix' video game

Update: "Potter" cast discuss movie, attend Turkish premiere

Limited edition version of the 'OotP' soundtrack; listen to Nicholas Hooper

Update: 'Deathly Hallows' breaks records; 'OotP' drops a notch

Update: New interviews with Emma, Rupert & Chris Rankin

Rupert spotlighted on USA Today's 'Celeb Watch'

'Potter' actors attend charitable event in Denver

Update: After 5 days 'OotP' has made over $330 million worldwide

Update: Video of Dan & Rupert's latest TV appearances

Videos, scans from 'Order of the Phoenix' publicity

HPANA's coverage of U.S. 'Phoenix' premiere

Video of Emma's appearances on the 'Today Show' & 'Regis & Kelly'

'Phoenix' movie sets records

Update: Video of Dan & Emma's TV appearances

Video, article round up of actor interviews

'Order of the Phoenix' makes $12 million at midnight screenings, WB breaks own records

HPANA's review of 'Order of the Phoenix'

New reviews of 'Order of the Phoenix'

Images from 'OotP' premiere in Oslo, Norway with Matthew & Katie

'Order of the Phoenix' selling out fast on Fandango

Hi-res images from 'Order of the Phoenix' LA premiere

Two live web cams available for LA premiere

Fans line up for U.S. 'Phoenix' premiere, 18 hours early

Confirmed list of attendees for 'OotP' LA premiere

New interview with 'OotP' composer, Nicholas Hooper

Video of trio from the 'Richard & Judy' show; Dan on the 'Today Show'

Watch UK 'Potter' specials on net this weekend

New 'Order of the Phoenix' clips

Rupert Grint to appear on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'

Reminder: 'Harry Potter' weekend on ABC Family

Updated: Watch a clip from the 'Order of the Phoenix' UK special

Updated: Rupert, Emma & David Yates attend photocall/premiere in Paris

Updated: 'Order of the Phoenix' premiere coverage

Updated: New interviews with Rupert Grint & Imelda Staunton

'Phoenix' featured on HBO's 'First Look'

MTV's 'Rough Cut' with Dan Radcliffe

'Order of the Phoenix' special on Reelz channel

'OotP' "Escape at Azkaban" video clip

Reminder: 'OotP' premiere streaming live

David Heyman chats about the 'Potter' movies and book 7

New video from 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

New interviews with David Yates and Dan Radcliffe

Live web cam set-up for 'OotP' premiere

According to Yates 'HBP' is less intense & "more sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll"

New interviews with Evanna Lynch & Emma Watson

HP trio video/transcript from '60 Minutes' Australia interview

Interview with Katie & 'OotP' set visit report

TV appearances by Rupert Grint in U.S. & Canada; Emma on 'Letterman'

Dan & Emma to appear on the 'Today Show'

UK fans can win a chance to visit the Hogwarts film set

London premiere of 'OotP' to be streamed live on July 3

'Order of the Phoenix' screenwriter considers himself very lucky

Additional TV appearances/specials for Emma, Dan

Update: Reviews of 'Order of the Phoenix' movie

Early reviews of 'OotP' video game

Update: Upcoming 'Potter' TV specials

Video & pictures from Tokyo premiere

UK's ITV to show two 'Potter' specials

Update: 11 clips of 'OotP' in English, behind-the-scenes video & more

Update: Dan arrives in Japan for 'OotP' premiere

Spoiler: New German clips from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Update: 'Insider' & CNN videos from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Staunton says 'Phoenix' "serious piece of work"

New interview with Dan Radcliffe

Official 'Phoenix' soundtrack site now online

Update: 'Order of the Phoenix' stars attend photocall

Rupert to help with casting call for Lavender Brown

JKR: Character in 'Phoenix' movie had to stay so he can appear in book 7

Update: Trio & Imelda talk 'Order of the Phoenix'

Free, early 'Potter' screenings for MySpace members

IMAX trailer for 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

New competition to attend UK premiere of 'Order of the Phoenix'

Yates had the time of his life directing 'OotP'

Virtual tour of Umbridge's office from 'OotP'

Gary Oldman discusses his work and life

Audio Q&A from 'Order of the Phoenix' press conference

Video interview with Matthew Lewis & Katie Leung

Bunch of new 'Phoenix' stills

JK helps 'OotP' game creators with plot, rules & gives her approval

Yates on 'Half-Blood Prince' & 'Order of the Phoenix'

'Order of the Phoenix' screened in Tokyo under tight security

Special 'two-part' on 'OotP' to air in Canada

View a virtual tour of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place

Emma & Rupert to attend French 'Phoenix' premiere

Gamers from Asia Pacific can win a chance to attend Tokyo premiere of 'OotP'

Listen to a preview of 'Order of the Phoenix' soundtrack

Katie Leung discusses 'Order of the Phoenix' & life

'Phoenix' soundtrack sample, cover art

New release dates for 'Phoenix' in South America & Spain

'Order of the Phoenix' rated 'M' in Australia

Update: 'Phoenix' video game news

Track listing for 'Phoenix' soundtrack

Competition to attend French premiere of 'Order of the Phoenix' July 4

David Heyman can't wait for the end of the series

Tons of new scans from 'Phoenix' movie

Official 'Phoenix' site updated with 'Death Eater' masks

ABC Family to show sneak peek of 'OotP'

Bringing you Harry Potter this summer, in a huge way

Video footage of Potter stars recording audio for 'Phoenix' game & more

HBO's 'First Look' at 'Order of the Phoenix'

Update: New scans from 'Order of the Phoenix' sticker book

Another set report from 'Order of the Phoenix'; Tom Felton speaks of Draco

Scans galore from 'Order of the Phoenix' poster book

'Phoenix' trailer wins award

NECA launches mini-site for 'Phoenix' action figures

EA Games launches 'Phoenix' site; video from developers

New 'Phoenix' set visit report & video from MTV

New video footage from 'Phoenix'

New image of Australian 'Phoenix' stamps

'Order of the Phoenix' to open Italy's Giffoni Film Festival

Confirmed: New release date for 'Order of the Phoenix'

Japanese fans can win a chance to meet Dan at world premiere of 'OotP'

Update: New scans from 'Order of the Phoenix' sticker book

UK fans can win a chance to attend 'OotP' premiere in London

'Order of the Phoenix' 138 minutes long

New interview with 'Phoenix' screenwriter Michael Goldenberg

'Phoenix' featured in EW & Empire magazines

Meet the Weasley twins opening weekend of 'Order of the Phoenix' in Chicago

Six TV spots for 'Phoenix'

'Phoenix' world premiere in Japan, June 28

Another 'OotP' commercial airs

Ellen previews 'Potter' on TV show

New 'Order of the Phoenix' TV commercial

Update: 'Harry Potter' trio and 'Teen Vogue'

U.S. premiere of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' -- Sunday, July 8

Official 'Potter' site debuts

Video of new footage from 'Phoenix'

New footage from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Helena Bonham Carter says "it's fun to be a witch"

UK release date of 'OotP' changed

New 'Order of the Phoenix' poster

'Phoenix' video game pushes PS2, Wii to limit

Additional 'OotP' trailers now online

Update: 'Order of the Phoenix' receives a PG-13 rating in U.S.

Nicholas Hooper discusses 'Order of the Phoenix' score

Yates feels "invigorated" & Watson says Yates "perfect for this"

New character posters

'Potter' world reimagined in new EA Games title

David Yates confirmed to direct 'Half-Blood Prince'

New 'OotP' posters

Questions for 'Potter' actors needed

Update: Scans from 'Phoenix' poster book

New interviews with Emma Watson

'Order of the Phoenix' up for MTV Movie Award

Review & new pictures of LEGO's Hogwarts castle

High-res 'Phoenix' behind the scenes

More news on 'Order' video game

It's so good being bad

'Dumbledore's Army' official site now open

'Phoenix' premiere dates around the world

Larger version of new 'Phoenix' poster

New behind-the-scenes pictures from 'OotP' filming

Exclusive: 'Dumbledore's Army' official site preview

Preview of Potter 5 videogame

Update: New 'Phoenix' trailer now on Yahoo!

Sixteen new stills on 'Order'; trailer Tuesday

Update: New U.S. 'Phoenix' trailer to debut this week

New 'Phoenix' trailer to be shown with 'Spider-Man 3', 3 new images

International 'Phoenix' trailer now online

Description of international 'Phoenix' trailer

'OotP' game will show movie authenticity & real age characters

EW talks about 'OotP' in summer movie preview

'Order of the Phoenix' trailer this weekend

Final 20 mins of 'OotP' in IMAX 3D

Two new images from 'Order of the Phoenix'

New behind-the-scenes images from 'OotP'

New 'Phoenix' images of Weasley family, Draco, Hermione & Neville

Evanna speaks of 'OotP' & her theories

Additional images from 'OotP' video game

Michael Goldenberg on working on 'OotP'

Staunton 'not so pretty in pink' as Umbridge & new photo

New images from 'OotP' video game

News on 'OotP' soundtrack

Win a chance to attend a WB premiere

EA Associate Producer talks about 'OotP' video game

'Movie Magic' does 'Potter' again

EW features 'Potter' covers & all you need to know about 'OotP'

New batch of images from 'OotP'

'OotP' soundtrack ready for pre-order

New images of 'OotP' action figures

Sirius screenshot from 'OotP' video game

'OotP' video game due out before movie; new screenshots

Competition to see how 'OotP' game works

New interview with director David Yates

New screenshots from 'OotP' video game

Additional reviews from 'OotP' screening

Potter products released in France

Images of new Snape action figure

Early reviews of 'OotP' from Chicago screenings

New 'OotP' merchandise images

First glimpse of NECA packaging of 'OotP' products

New image of Umbridge, Weasley twins & Harry

New photos of Grawp, Theastral & Wormtail

'Order of the Phoenix' game site to launch shortly

Young marauders & more images from 'OotP'

Interview with Griffiths on 'Potter' & 'Equus'

New pictures from 'Order of the Phoenix'

New picture of Harry from 'Order of the Phoenix'

First look at Aberforth from 'Phoenix' movie

Death Eaters masks from 'OotP'

'Potter' products galore

New Umbridge & Dumbledore pictures

New set images from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Picture featuring Neville from 'OotP' movie

New picture of Draco from 'OotP' movie

Additional images of 'Order of the Phoenix' toys

Hornby train products from 'OotP'

Images from 'Order of the Phoenix'

New scans of upcoming 'OotP' merchandise

Update: Yates says 'OotP' "emotionally complex one so far"

Gentle Giant releases new mini 'Potter' busts

Yates calls Umbridge "damaged as a person"

New release date for 'OotP' in Spain

Preview of 'Order of the Phoenix' toys

Isaacs discusses 'Phoenix' filming & begging JK

'Phoenix' movie on the top of lists for 2007

New merchandise from 'OotP'

New audio interview with Dan Radcliffe

EA Games answer fans questions on 'OotP' video game

New image of Dan & David Yates

News on products tied to 'Phoenix' movie

'OotP' release dates for Latin America & Spain

Yates comments on filming 'Phoenix'

Voldemort 'OotP' t-shirt available for pre-sale

First look at Harry action figure

Update: New interviews with Dan from Australia

Video of 'OotP' from ABC Family

Reminder: Win tickets to the U.S. premiere of 'OotP'

Reminder: Potter weekend on ABC Family

Extras sneak peek at 'Phoenix'

Dan says Yates is an 'inspired director'

Dan comments on teaser trailer

EA Games announce 'Phoenix' game, screenshots

Fantastic 'Phoenix' footage from HBO

New photos from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Behind-the-scenes look at 'OotP' from E!

MTV's TRL 'Phoenix' video

'Phoenix' teaser trailer now online

E! TV & MTV to air 'Phoenix' news

Official UK & U.S. 'Phoenix' sites online

10 secs on 'Phoenix' teaser trailer

New hi-res images from Phoenix; news of trailer online

New pictures: Harry kissing Cho, Umbridge and more

'Phoenix' teaser to debut on satellite Nov. 20

Video snippet of 'OotP' preview to be shown on ABC Family

Teaser poster for 'OotP' released

Jason Isaacs discusses 'Phoenix' & wanting to return

Description of 'Phoenix' teaser trailer

HBO to give a sneak peak of 'Order of the Phoenix'

Yates comments on 'Phoenix' running time

Win tickets to the U.S. premiere of 'OotP' courtesy of HBO

HP Fan Trips announces 2007 tours, VIP 'Phoenix' screening

New set pics from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Dan comments on acting, fame, music & dating

New set report of 'Phoenix' filming at Black Park

Rupert discusses directors for last 'Potter' movies

Competition for Japanese fans to attend 'OotP' premiere

More news on 'Order of the Phoenix'

'Phoenix' teaser trailer to be released Nov. 17

Kreacher in, Dobby out of 'Order of the Phoenix'

Julie Walters discusses directors & 'Phoenix'

New 'Phoenix' set report

Hi-res Harry and Luna

New Dursleys image from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Harry preview pic from 'OotP'

New photo from 'Phoenix' of Luna Lovegood

Hi-res images from 'Phoenix'

New 'Phoenix' photos from Newsweek

First official images from 'Order of the Phoenix'

Emma Watson wants to go with the flow

Photos from 'Phoenix' Hogsmeade set

New report from King's Cross filming of 'Phoenix'

Videos from 'Phoenix' filming at King's Cross

Young Severus Snape discusses filming 'Phoenix'

'Phoenix' filming at King's Cross today

New pictures from the 'Order of the Phoenix' set

Harry Potter 5 filming near completion

First look at next 'Potter' game

Tom Felton will be back for 'HBP' & more

Age won't stop Rupert playing Ron

'OotP' release dates in Australia & Spain

New interview with Dan, Katie & David Yates

Julie Walters on the 'Potter' movies, writing & acting

Matt Lewis: Umbridge is "... twisted & slightly mental"

Tonks in costume from 'Phoenix'

Felton updates site with interview

New photo of Dan from the 'Phoenix' set

'Phoenix' photos from Blenheim Palace

New photos & report from 'Phoenix' filming

'Phoenix' filming report

Hooper, Carter confirmed for 'Phoenix'

New details on 'Order of the Phoenix' movie

'Potter' technicians return to Scotland

'Phoenix' filming resumes

Photos & video from Comic-Con

Warwick Davis on his character & the 'Potter' movies

Details on 'Potter' video from Comic-Con

Jason Isaacs briefly discusses 'Phoenix'

Evanna 'stunned' with chance to play Luna

'Potter' displays to be shown at Comic-Con

Evanna Lynch interview on CBBC Newsround tomorrow

Coltrane in U.S., finished filming 'Phoenix'

No 'Phoenix' footage to be shown at Comic-Con

'Order of the Phoenix' clip to be shown at Comic-Con

Quality photo of 'Phoenix' poster

Additional 'Order of the Phoenix' set photos

Photos of Privet Drive set from 'Order'

Interview with young Sirius from 'Phoenix'

Isaacs starts filming 'Phoenix' in September

'OotP' poster from NY Licensing Show

'Order' to be released on IMAX

Will 'Order of the Phoenix' be filming in Italy?

Additional second-unit photos of 'Phoenix' filming

'Potter' edged out as most dominant franchise character

Photos from second unit filming in Scotland for 'Phoenix'

Second unit filming in Scotland for 'OotP'

Young Marauders, others cast for 'Phoenix'

Thompson to reprise role of Trelawney for 'Order'

Possible Trelawney & Knight Bus in 'Order of the Phoenix'

Weasley twins say filming 'Phoenix' is "really good fun"

Rankin: Percy "to become really obnoxious" in 'Phoenix'

Tony Maudsley as Grawp in 'Order of the Phoenix'

Update: Rupert discusses 'Potter' and 'Lessons'

International release dates for 'Order of the Phoenix'

Jim McManus to be Aberforth Dumbledore

Rupert & twins discuss 'Order of the Phoenix'

Nicholas Hooper to score 'Phoenix'

No Williams for OotP?

Confirmed: 'Phoenix' flies on July 13, 2007

Rowling: "Evanna is perfect"

'OotP' to be released in July 2007?

Young Lupin has not been cast according to the WB

New photos of Hagrid's hut from 'OotP'

Waylett: Next 'Potter' movie even better

Gary Oldman returns for 'OotP', Sirius-ly

Heyman: 'OotP' "trailer by the end of the year"

'Order of the Phoenix' update from Empire Awards, BBC

New interview with trio

Emma sends new newsletter to fans

Win a trip to the HP set

First pictures from the 'OotP' set

Evanna to Potter fans: "I promise to work hard"

Radio interview with Evanna Lynch's family

Patil twins, Nearly Headless Nick back for 'Order of the Phoenix'

Casting announcements for 'OotP'

No 'Sirius' deal yet, says Oldman's manager

Oldman and Thewlis in 'Order'?

New video on Amazon: 'Goblet' cast talks movies 5 and 6

Casting news on Harry's mom for 'Order of the Phoenix'

Dan discusses role preparation for 'OotP'

First official photo of Luna Lovegood actress

'Order of the Phoenix' begins production

Luna, Tonks, Umbridge, Mrs. Figg & Bellatrix have been cast

More casting news for 'OotP'

Casting news for 'OotP'

Katie returning for 'OotP'

Chris Rankin confirmed for 'Phoenix'

Luna hopefuls wait for word

Percy, Neville back in 'Order'?

Luna Lovegood hopefuls down to 400 girls

Thousands brave weather to attend Potter audition

Open casting call for Luna on Saturday

Luna Lovegood to be announced by January

No sign of Hagrid in the 'Order of the Phoenix'?

Julie Walters returning to Potter

Heyman discusses 'Goblet of Fire'

MTV 'Order of the Phoenix' contest now open

Rowling 'loves' the 'GoF' movie; DVD & 'OotP' news

Casting news on 'OotP' from premiere

Another UK contest to visit the 'OotP' set

'Order of the Phoenix' MTV UK & French contests

Round-up of press conference interviews

Filming of 'OotP' to stay in the UK

"I am Umbridge" so says Staunton

Staunton to play Dolores Umbridge?

Luna casting news for 'Order of the Phoenix'

Dan on doing 'OotP' and much more

Anna Friel hopes to be cast as Tonks

Ralph Fiennes on Lord Voldemort and 'Order of the Phoenix'

Has Bellatrix Lestrange been cast for 'OotP'?

Jason Isaacs wants 'Harry Potter' fans to despise him

Yates having a 'fantastic time' with 'Harry Potter'

Radcliffe still on board; Newell 'pleased' with 'Goblet of Fire'

'Harry Potter' producer confirms movies may leave UK

'Order of the Phoenix' director speaks

Warwick Davis says: "Fourth one's gonna be great"

No Hagrid for 'Order of the Phoenix'?

Will 'Order of the Phoenix' be filmed in the Czech Republic?

Watson and Isaacs discuss 'Goblet of Fire'

More casting information for 'Phoenix'

'Phoenix' casting to begin in the fall

'Goblet of Fire' still filming according to report

Heyman and Watson discuss 'Goblet of Fire'

Rupert Grint gabs about life, new photos abound

Elizabeth Hurley for 'Order of the Phoenix'?

David Yates officially signed for 'Order of the Phoenix'

David Yates confirms 'Order of the Phoenix' role

Director announced for next Harry Potter movie?

New Harry Potter scribe on board for fifth film

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet declines Harry Potter

Jean-Pierre Jeunet mulls directing 'Order of the Phoenix'

Casting for 'Order of the Phoenix' not happening soon

Nair not talking about 'Potter' 5

Faith's owners set record straight

Update: Mira Nair asked to direct Potter 5?

Casting for 'Goblet of Fire' near completion

'Order of the Phoenix' movie rumors squashed

'Order of the Phoenix' movie rumors

'PoA' set report from Shepperton Studios

Cuarón to direct 'Phoenix' film?